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Domestic & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Hereford


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Domestic & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Hereford

Fusion Carpet Cleaning Services

Domestic & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Hereford

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Domestic & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Hereford



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The Owner

“Fusion carpet cleaning delivers some amazing results. I’ve seen, first hand how rooms can transform, smell clean and look fresh.. all from cleaning your upholstery and carpets. If you are sensitive to allergens or havent deep cleaned your carpets for a year+ Fusion is ideal! Need some advice? Call me directly and i’ll be happy to help”


Kevin Greaves




Why Use Fusion?

The cleaning process is safe for your fibres – We don’t use high pH sprays and abrasive rotary actions to clean carpets and fabrics – this can damage the fibres irreparably. Dry Fusion uses a neutral pH which is approved by carpet mills and manufacturers and get great results without harming the carpet.

Our unique Activator agent – Activator has been developed to give you better stain removal properties than other dry or wet upholstery cleaning methods, and it also enhances the ability of the item to repel dirt and stains after cleaning.

Our system is environmentally aware – Our cleaning liquids are biodegradable and use natural vanilla and orange extracts to neutralise smells without causing irritation – especially important to those sensitive to chemical irritation.
Increased Cleaning Power With Bactoshield & Antimicrobial
Bactoshield has been formulated where additional cleaning power is required, such as in nurseries or gyms where you can expect heavier soiling from a variety of oily and biological substances to occur. Bactoshield helps remove oily products, makeup, crayons and a variety of tough substances – it even tackles dog smells too. The antimicrobial finish places a protective layer on the fibres to significantly increase the dirt-repellent properties of the material. Bactoshield is the preferred products for cleaning gymnasiums and nurseries where you can expect odours and stains to be at their worst. Imagine how clean it could get your home. Call 07773 937 681 for a free quote

Confidence in service

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Hereford Window Cleaning Services is are an established upholstery and carpet cleaning service based in Hereford. We have the ability to transform tired and dirty carpets, soft furnishings and curtains with the use of our impressive Dry Fusion cleaning system. Have no doubt, this equipment is second for achieving fantastic results and has the added benefit of a rapid drying time.

We are also domestic and commercial window cleaners, our experience combined with extensive specialist equipment means we are able to tackle the trickiest and tallest buildings in Hereford.

If you’re looking for great service and even better results please get in touch with us today – we’d love to hear from you.

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General information

Registered Business Name: Hereford Window Cleaning Services

Locations: Hereford based covering Herefordshire



Hereford Window Cleaning Services ensure the highest cleaning standards with clean, filtered water. We spend as long as needed to ensure the job is completed to a wonderful standard and safely.

Career Opportunities

Looking to work for a team that cares? Hereford Window Cleaning Services always want to find the right candidates to help deliver a leading service. Call us directly to find out more. 

Our Team

Hereford Window Cleaning Services is a family run business, based in the heart of Hereford. Our team is taught one of many lessons .. To treat others as you wish to be treated. This ‘golden rule’ has retained our wonderful customers for years. We cover a wide area and can always fit in more customers so please get in contact and we will take care of you.

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