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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions we get from our customers.

How does window cleaning cost?

Prices range depending on your building size. Prices range from >£10 to <£16 per clean. This really depends on your building size vs windows. The best advice about costs is to call us and ask Kevin or our team.


Do you offer corporate contracts

Yes, we do. If your business needs regular cleaning, Hereford Window Cleaning Service can maintain your glazings cleanliness affordably and safely. For corporate agreements, we usually pop out to take a look and quote from there. All quotes are free! so you might be able to not only get a better clean but save some money against your existing service provider.

Do you service high street shop windows?

Yes we do. Please let us know the location and we can price this over the phone.


My windows are awkward to clean

If you can get home, we can get to you. Whilst there are some rare, extreme situations whereby Hereford Window Cleaning Services cant access your glazing.. but this is one in one thousand. Call Kevin for advice if you are not too sure.

You offer carpet cleaning?

As part of our services, Hereford Window Cleaning Services offer Fusion carpet cleaning. The results from self-hire vs our professional cleaning are instantly noticeable.

Once you see how effective we are providing carpet cleaning servicing, you’ll likely never look elsewhere! We are huge promoters of Fusion and we are fully qualified & insured to complete the job professionally and with no disturbances. Why risk damaging your carpets/underlay or home with anyone else when we are affordable, trusted and professional.